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The ‘Back in the Saddle’ Edition

backinthesaddleSince my last post in September, I’ve been on a diet and gained 11 pounds. “Dude, you’re doing it wrong!” Yeah, I know.  Continue reading


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The Man with the Plan

So I promised a plan, and I have one. This worked for me seven years ago. It’ll work for me again. I maintained it for a year. Then I fell off the bandwagon. Why? Because this is the most extreme form of my eating plan. I never got around to doing one that I could maintain once I reached my target weight. That one would have been a medium-carb diet as opposed to a low-carb diet. So, I need to work on that, and I’ll post it once I have it. But enough of that. Let’s dive in! Continue reading

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Chic-fil-A: Make It a Double!

So today started with breakfast at Chic-fil-A, which is better than some of my days have started. It was followed by an almost-meeting with the police (long story; our subtenant is a jerk). Thankfully, Washington, D.C.’s finest can recognize a troublemaker when they see one. Continue reading

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Weather That Makes Me Stew

Ah, the three-day weekend.  Nothing like an overcast day to get you in the mood.  What mood?  Depends on the person.  For me, a cold, overcast day gets me pensive.  Pull out the pipe and journal. … well, the journal anyway.  I love it.  Granted, it lends to my melancholy at times, but that can’t be avoided. Continue reading

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