The ‘Back in the Saddle’ Edition

backinthesaddleSince my last post in September, I’ve been on a diet and gained 11 pounds. “Dude, you’re doing it wrong!” Yeah, I know. 

I was averaging between 1,600-1,900 calories per day, and I was doing it using the LoseIt! app. I loved that thing. Anyway, for reasons I won’t divulge here, I uninstalled it and decided to go it alone in secret. Yeeeeaaaaah, that didn’t work. Combined with Thanksgiving and the “Christmas season,” during which every Tom, Dick, and Harry you’ve ever worked with via a third-party company decides to send you cookies, chocolates, and various sundry yummies, my weight shot up like an angry mountain climber.


From the top of the mountain — Dear Heaven, let it be this be the top and no further! — I can see the valley below. I need to descend to that valley. So back at it I go. I’ve joined SparkPeople (since I promised that I was deleting the LoseIt! app), and that’s kinda similar. The best use for me is to find the calories for the food I’m thinking of eating. It’s horrible what some of these things cost in calorie counts.

I’ve been drinking a lot of milk, mainly because it’s all we tend to have in the house. So I went out and bought a pallet of water bottles. I’ll continue to do that from here on out. AND, I’ll start using my eating plan once again.

My wife says that after my bypass, there were things I wouldn’t even consider eating. Now I eat them without even thinking about it. That must change as well. It’ll be a change of heart, mind, and manner (habit).

I’m back in the saddle, and I’m hoping not to fall out this time. Wish me luck!

~ Live and Flourish ~





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