Baked Couch Potato

So what do you do when you realize you need to add a bit of pep to your weight loss program? Why, you start a Couch-to-5K program, of course! (What am I, insane?)

Jogging and I have never gotten along. In fact, we’re mortal enemies. But then again, fat and a sedentary lifestyle are also my enemies. So, since “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” I downloaded the Zen Labs C25K app. It’s a nice little app. You can run playlists from your phone while you run. The first week starts with a five-minute brisk walk, followed by alternating 60-second jogs and 90-second walks, ending with a five-minute cool down. Not too shabby. If you do it on a treadmill, it’ll be the best two miles you’ve ever spent in the same spot. *cough!*

The first day was brutal. Every time I looked at the remaining time, I shuddered. I had to focus on the smaller chunks — the 60- and 90-second countdowns. I couldn’t have gotten through any other way. But I did it.

The second day was amazingly easy. Of course, it was a Saturday, so I wasn’t doing it at the end of a long work day. Still, it was encouraging.

The third day, it was like I wasn’t even running. Lol.

So, the second week has started. We’ll see how that goes.

Food-wise, I’ve started eating a traditional Japanese breakfast in the mornings. It sounds more exotic than it is, really. It consists of a tilapia filet (defrosted overnight and microwaved for two mins.), one cup of rice, and a cup of miso soup. Total calories? 304. All I’m adding to the tilapia is salt and pepper. It’s good stuff.

I’m following a 1,700 calorie diet, so I’m trying to be good. Trying. Heh. But yeah, it’s doable, and most of the time I’m doing well.

Till next time

~ Live and Flourish ~


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