Weather That Makes Me Stew

Ah, the three-day weekend.  Nothing like an overcast day to get you in the mood.  What mood?  Depends on the person.  For me, a cold, overcast day gets me pensive.  Pull out the pipe and journal. … well, the journal anyway.  I love it.  Granted, it lends to my melancholy at times, but that can’t be avoided.

It also makes me want a stew.  Something hearty.  Something with either beef or seafood.  My heart belongs to the ocean some days, I swear.  A nice chowder would suit me fine.  But then, some days my heart’s in the mountains, and I need a beef stew.  Either way, my heart is near the water — either down at the ocean or near the cloud-heavy skies.

And either way, I want something with root vegetables in it.  There’s the rub.  High-carb veggies.  Well crud.  How do you get around that?

Thank God for the paleo/primal folks.  Google “paleo beef stew,” and a hundred recipes pop up.  Likewise for “paleo seafood stew.”  Life is good, my friends.  Oh yes.

~ Live and Flourish ~


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