And So It Begins …

This will either be the day I look back on as “my last fat day,” or it will be the most spectacular public failure of a diet I’ve managed yet.  You see, I’ve been doing this for a long time.

I’m 45, overweight, diabetic (Type 2) and I’ve already had my first heart stent (age 38) … aaaaand my first emergency double bypass (age 44). I feel run down, beat down and … well … just plain down.  It’s depressing being so terribly out of shape.  I’m not well, and I’m willing to admit it.  Climbing the stairs at night is starting to leave me tired again.  I simply can’t go on like this.

I have so much to live for:

  • My Wife
  • My Daughter
  • My Sons

I love them all.  I want to see my grandchildren.  What’s more, I want to correct the mistakes I’ve made.  I have set before my children a poor example of health.  Predictably, they are following it.  I want them to watch me get healthy … and I want them to follow that example.

I should have gotten serious about things after the stent, but I didn’t. And I got serious after my double bypass … for awhile. But I need to jump back on the bandwagon and reverse this downward trend.

I will accomplish this goal, if not for love of myself, then perhaps for love of my family.  I will seek health.  Weight loss will come as a direct side effect.  I’ll post the plans, the results, and everything related right here in this blog.

An Old Philosophy

My son and I studied knighthood on and off for some time.  We used it and borrowed from it to learn about manhood.  And as we read, we tried to remember this simple version of the knight’s code:

  • Live pure
  • Speak true
  • Right wrong
  • Serve the King

I can see in this the basis — or a simple thumbnail sketch — of what I’ll try to accomplish in my life.

Live Pure

Seems to be pretty direct, so I’ll adopt this one.  I’ll live pure.  I’ll shake off those things that I know are hampering my health — sugar, fat, and anything else I can find as I research this.  I’ll also cast off less-than-pure habits and attitudes.  Might as well clean the inside of the house while we’re power washing the exterior, right?

Speak True

Believe it or not, I have a problem with this.  I tend to sugarcoat things.  When I’m mad, I tend to say things I don’t mean and then apologize for them later.  So no more of that.  Truth will fall from these lips like honey from the comb.

Introspectively, I will be honest with myself.  It’s been a year of shattered masks for me.  Through various trials, I’ve found that I’m not the carefully crafted personality I’ve come to believe I am.  It angered me when, several years ago, my cardiologist said, “You’re an anxious fellow.”  I stormed out of there madder than a hornet.  An anxious fellow?  He doesn’t know me!  I’m the most mellow, laid back guy I know!

Well, I finally realized that I’m not.  And I’m willing to admit it.  I am an anxious fellow.  I need to learn to deal with my stress.  And one way to do that is to be honest about who I am.  Are there more masks to shatter?  Ooooooh yeah.  Plenty.  Maybe I’ll find out who I really am in the process.

Right Wrong

That’s one of my main purposes.  Not just righting the wrong I’ve inflicted on myself over the years, but righting the wrong I’ve inflicted on my wife and kids.  They all eat like I do now — high carb, high fat, sodas whenever they can, and sugar, sugar, sugar.

Rome was not build in a day, nor will our eating habits change overnight, but my wife is behind me on this.  We’ll change things together.  We will be a healthy family.

Serve the King

I am a Christian man.  I’ll make no apologies for that.  It’s who I am; it’s what I believe.  Things about God and Scripture are bound to pop up.  They’re engrained in my being.  Like my eating habits, I’m not the greatest example of what a Christian should be.  I try hard, and I fail a lot.  I have my little victories here and there, and that keeps me going.

I make no promises as to the frequency of my posts.  It will be every day if I can manage it.  But isn’t is true that time is the bane of those with honest intensions?  So I’ll post as I’m able.

And there you have it.  The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step … and one post. …

~ Live and Flourish ~


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